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Ref. 0299

Halv måne modul

This module is ideal for introducing forward and backward rolls in baby gym sessions. This educational product allows children to practice exercises safely on their own and to reinforce their confidence. The hook-and-loop strips can be positioned to create a wide variety of configurations and learning situations. The two parts can be used by their own. The half-moon module is perfectly suitable for baby-gym sessions and for introduction to gymnastics. Technical characteristics: - Consisting of 2 modules A/ Large module: 73 x 50 x 50 cm (LxWxH) B/ Small module: 27 x 50 x 44.5 cm (LxWxH) - Made from 23 kg density polyurethane foam - Class M2 fire rating leather look PVC cover - Colors: Fuchsia, lime green, turquoise and yellow

Up to 2 years of product warranty

Please contact us for the manufacturing time