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Ref. 7194

Ny generasjons landingsgrop med skumkuber (*)

This traditional pit system provides effective shock absorption for landings. - A new generation pit system approved by more than 80 makings already - Quick and easy setup by a small team within 2 days. - A unique and fully covered landing area under the cubes, very flexible and good durability, provides a constantly safe, soft and long-lasting base. - A fully foam base design, optimizing air ventilation and shock absorption, offers the fastest learning conditions. - A flexible base area contributing to a constant and natural mixing of foam cubes ensures the most even absorption possible. - Bottom and sides of the pit always and entirely protected. Even without foam cubes, the pit fully meets the highest possible safety requirements. - Bi-density foam protective pads for maximal safety for the gymnasts reducing their apprehension. - Multiple foam cube shapes and sizes available increasing the random placement of cubes in the pit. Comprises of: 1. Lower bloc 2. Top mat 3. Edge guards 4. Foam cubes

Up to 2 years of product warranty

Please contact us for the manufacturing time