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Ref. 2872

Knust magnesium – 1 kg pose – Sett med 6

Essential for the practice of gymnastics, the crushed chalk Made in France is sage for gymnast health. This new chalk made in France and guarantees purity of 99,7% protects and sanitizes hands 10 times greater than standard chalk. Made in small blocks, it reduces emission of particles. Thanks to its fine porous texture, it provides optimal coverage and ultimate grip on gymnasts' hands. Giving effective grip for training and competition. Its composition absorbs perspiration which gives better grip avoiding hands slipping. Its ultimate grip improves performance on all apparatus. Combining the best ingredients GYMNOVA offers the best chalk which conforms to food grade chalk. It is none toxic by inhalation or ingestion compared to standard chalk. Technical features: - 1 kg airtight zip pouch, set of 6 - Made in France - 99,7% extra pure - Particle size between 10 µm and 45 µm

Up to 2 years of product warranty

Please contact us for the manufacturing time