Ref. 3101

Svingstang uten kabler – 1 person

High bar with uprights in Ø 90 mm steel tubing. Fixed into casings and tightened manually. Rails mounted in omnidirectional pivots to prevent jolting. Height adjusts between 0.95 m and 2.55 m. Distance between uprights either 2.40 m. Supplied with high bar rail Ref. 3110, and can also take asymmetric bars rail Ref. 3260, 3262, 3265 or 3268. This type of cableless bar requires the upright casings to be fixed into the floor (please contact us). - Distance between uprights 2.40 m. - 1-person bar (2 uprights, 1 rail).

Warranty Stamp

Up to 2 years of product warranty

Please contact us for the manufacturing time